Tomato variety Prios F1 very successful

The last few years Ergon’s tomato variety Prios F1 is increasingly recognized as a valuable contribution to the spring cultivation of red tomatoes under plastic tunnel in Eastern Europe.

The combination of a heavy fruit set of uniform, deep red, shiny quality fruits and the remarkable earliness – important in the areas of Eastern Europe – ensure that this variety is a very good option for the farmers. The fruits of Prios F1 have a fruitweight of 200 – 250 gr.

Ergon visited Macedonia to follow up Ergon’s tomato varieties. And yes, also in Macedonia, all the positive aspects of tomato variety Prios F1 were confirmed. In the greenhouses we saw an abundantly growing tomato Prios F1. All the farmers we spoke to were unanimously enthousiastic about this variety.

Leaflet of Prios F1 – Check out here!


Prios F1 – widely grown and widely recognized!